Mary Jane Varities- Evergreen and Each Girls Choice

There is hardly any girl  who does not want to look at best and beautiful. Since childhood,  we definitely not tend to stop playing dressing up, do we? 

Acquiring and inspiring for that timeless look is what we received from our ancestors. I remember spending an afternoon with my mother browing through the showrooms for the dresses, flats, boots, and even Mary Jane for Girls Shoes. I would feel so great about it.

It is all about feeling valued and extraordinary.  This is so at Duckfeet we ensure you get high quality and highly valued shoes, that are of real leather, durable and comfortable. And nonetheless we also tend to make the same simple and comfortable to wear. 

Little history about Your Mary Jane Girls shoes and do you know it is interesting.

Brief history

In 1902, there was a popular comic strip known as Buster Brown, drawn by R.F. Outcault. First published in the New York Herald. The character has a sister by the name Mary Jane, and they both was seen wearing bar shoes. And, after two years in 1904, Outcault was able to seal licenses of his Buster Brown characters to different companies, and among the same was Brown Shoe Company, it is one of the American footwear company. A company created a lines of girl shoes that is just similar to that you can find in comic strip. The company named it Mary Jane shoes. Since, then these shoes are getting popular. In couple years these shoes became a hit among girls. And, when a child star Shirley Temple adorned these shoes in Harry Lachman’s 1934 drama “Baby”, its fame skyrocked.

There is now no limit in the Mary Jane’s verities, these are as classic as ever  and evergreen. You can find them both stylish and simple. These could be point flat ones, slippers, flats, heals and many more. And exclusive  your Duckfeet varieties. 

What is so special about Mary Janes

Best thing about Mary Jane for girls shoes is that you can wear the same with any dress or outfit? These dresses includes shorts, trousers, miniskirts and even maxi skirts. These screems childlike yet ultra-fashionable. Since those years of 1920’s Mary Jane Shoes movement is still going strong, and you cannot but wait to get your hands on a pair or two. So, where you should buy the best Mary Janes.

If you need simple and authentic look in the shoe verities, opt for Duckfeet.  You can’t just wait to have your hands either on a single pair or two. All these Mary Janes varieties are handmade using best in quality natural materials, standing for quality, comfortability and durability. 

So why not just feel like having these shoes as an add on in the shoe rack?


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